Best Intentions

May 6, 2011

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By Diana T. Sabol, CLTP, PLTA President

Did you ever wonder what dogs would say if they could talk? Since I adopted Chance a year and a half ago, I’ve always tried to do the very best thing for him but, it seems doing that hasn’t always worked out for the best.

Last spring, I took Chance to be groomed, only to find out that while he was there, somehow he had fallen out of the bathtub and hurt his right front paw.  The doctors discovered that it was severely broken and would require surgery to repair the damage by putting a plate and eight screws in the paw.  A splint was then put on his leg, which remained on for 13 weeks to hold everything in place. Shortly thereafter, the doctors discovered that the plate they had inserted had broken thus, requiring another surgery to remove it and another 13 weeks of wearing a splint.   After all of this it was determined that there was nothing more that could be done to fix the paw.

Chance now wears a brace everyday in order for him to walk and is on medication daily for pain.  This has been very difficult to watch since, prior to all this happening, Chance loved going for walks, playing, and sleeping on the couch!  I will always remember the time when he could do those things he loved, but if he could talk, I know he would say that finally, he has found someone in this world who loves him.

Many of us at times think our luck in this industry is similar to what Chance is experiencing – you can’t catch a break.  It’s times like these that your support of this association is so important.  There is strength in numbers!  Membership of agents is more important than it has ever been.  Agents dues now account for the largest percentage of our income so we would like to see more agents get involved with our industry’s trade association.  Membership renewals have gone out so if you haven’t yet renewed, please do so and thank you to all that have.  Your continued support is what makes PLTA one of the most active and effective Land Title Associations.

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