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What is PLTA? The Pennsylvania Land Title Association is one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most influential organizations serving members of the land title profession and others involved in maintaining public records and facilitating real estate transactions. Since our founding in 1921, PLTA has brought together titlepersons with their colleagues for fellowship and professional development, with the aim of improving the accuracy of property records and minimizing losses for lenders, buyers and sellers of homes.

Who are the members of PLTA? Title agents and agencies, title insurance underwriters, real estate attorneys and other real estate professionals – all are represented in the ranks of PLTA members.  In order to become a member each individual must ascribe to the Code of Ethics of PLTA.  In addition, as an organization PLTA has adopted the Principles of Fair Conduct originally promulgated by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).  PLTA members are knowledgeable, dedicated professionals who are your best resource to protect your share of the American dream – home ownership.


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